Groot was found in Wrexham by a chap in his garden. He’d been taking bread and bird food into their Turtles, who were waiting to not eat before hibernation. We setup the traps and just as I got home he had gone running up the the property owners. Such a sweet guy, he was so thin  I was unsure if he’d make it, full of ticks and so very thin, the obvious issue was that he only had about 1/3 of a tail, only when I got him home did I notice the cuts along his head. That evening he was in the vets and received additional treatment.

I named him groot as he was as thin as a stick and had a stump of a tail so it seemed fitting. He ran with a bit of a wiggle which made him all the more adorable!

When I first picked him up – this was just before I took him the vets – lethargic thin, then i saw the wounds on his head.
Only weighed 600 grams, but this soon jumped 1440 within a couple of months

He was such a lovely gent, loved other ferrets and really sweet nature.

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