Just some thoughts for 2017;

  • Volunteer – Big or Small, nothing can give you a greater sense of satisfaction, nor open your eyes to issues you care about in your area – you will make a difference
  • Check it before you spread it – far too often people will say things with little knowledge or fact, everything you read could be untrue! Research before you judge on anything, the main thing check with the person/people/organisation that the details are about directly, not only will this give you direct evidence it will give you the opportunity to see if there are reasons behind any truths which may be being manipulated for other reasons (Most certainly in most press coverage!)
  • Understand where Empathy is lacking and push to create it where it needs to be – Random Acts of Kindness will win your heart once you start! http://www.randomacts.org/
  • Accept these are dated practices which MUST be stopped: Hunting, Blood Sports, Puppy Farms, Wars, Waste
  • Speak Up: “Take a Side – We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Elie Wiesel – but Clicking ‘like’ or typing ‘yes’ to send a thank you / prayer / good luck is not a real thing and does very little for any cause so please stop
  • Fight for Change – there are so many things which could improve at the moment – have a voice and fight to make it better for all, not just what benefits you. Changes don’t happen overnight and they won’t happen unless people make it happen, are you one of those people?
  • Stand up for Rights – for all – rights don’t make sense unless we ALL have them – Human, Gay, Employment, Privacy rights its equality that is key
  • Vote – but try not to for Racist, Xenophobic, hate makers who’s only goal is to improve their own self interest
  • Appreciate what rights, choices and opportunities we do have here! We don’t know how long they’ll last!
  • 2017 BRING . IT . ON

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